The interactive Shiftbook


  • Easy Communication with shift notes, tasks and directives
  • Flexible Configuration with customized forms and open interfaces
  • Shift operations are auditable and documents conform to GxP and FDA
Verbindet Schichtteams
rund um die Uhr

Connects shift teams around the clock

The Chemical operation is simply documented with Shiftconnector® io. For the handover, all relevant Information is summarized in the 360°overview. 

  • Overview of all events, changes as well as Batch and Plant Status
  • Safe documentation of bridges and work releases including the Dual Control principle
  • Customizable forms with XDC, e.g. for quantity reports or measurement data acquisition
  • Connection to PCS and Plant Maintenance Management (e.g. SAP® PM)
Alle Führungskräfte sind auf dem Laufenden

All managers are informed and up to date

Information is clearly compiled for supervisors. Reports can be accessed live at any time. Direct communication with the shift teams simplifies management.

  • Overview of special events
  • E-mail reporting, cyclically or for defined events
  • Communicate tasks and directives straight to the shift teams
Vereinfacht Rundgänge und Routinetätigkeiten

Simplified inspection rounds and routine activities

Recurring tasks of shift personnel can be easily planned. Completed tasks are recorded with only two clicks.

  • Checklists and Documentation conforming to legal requirements
  • Customizable forms with XDC, e.g. for samples, environmental monitoring or attendance lists
  • All tasks and their status are always visible
Bringt Ihre Frühbesprechung auf den Punkt

Provides focus to your morning meeting

Shiftconnector® io prepares all prioritized events in a specific morning meeting screen and becomes the hub for efficient information hand over.

  • Facts at a glance e.g. QM variations or OEE figures
  • Priority and status are immediately visible
  • Tick off completed points, issue directives straight away
Vereinfacht Rundgänge und Routinetätigkeiten

Enables smoother operation and continuous improvement

The data in Shiftconnector® io can be analyzed to find optimization potential and sources of error, leading to improved business processes

  • Visual presentation of data and performance figures
  • Filters and search functions highlight errors and faults
  • CAPA: Investigate variances and issue directives straight to the shift
  • Communicate, control and determine the benefit of improvement initiatives 

Efficient handover with the 360° Overview

All relevant Information is clearly summarized

Freely configurable forms with XDC

Design of lists, forms and reports for various requirements

Simple to use web application

Web application with powerful auto-completion of texts


Shiftlog Chemical

Important advantages for roles associated with chemical production



  • Quantities, measurements, Batch and Plant Status effortlessly captured, also possible via PCS connection
  • Easily report and document special events and faults
  • Shift specific and routine tasks presented clearly
  • All information from the previous shift at a glance

Shift Supervisor

  • 360°- Overview of all new and updated information since logging off
  • Overview of all safety bridges, maintenance backups and Shift Personnel present
  • Electronically signed and verified shift hand overs
  • Simple organization of tasks with live tracking of process status

Day Shift Leader

  • All new shift information collected overnight or over the weekend at a glance
  • Summary of important KPIs, such as OEE or Batch figures from previous shifts
  • Easily schedule tasks, issue maintenance orders and track status
  • Send instructions directly to the shift, e.g. modified operation instructions

Process Engineers

  • Process metrics such as OEE are available to each shift with one click
  • Have the process under control: find the cause of abnormalities, downtime and losses easily
  • Management of Change: Accurate communication of changes with simple confirmation
  • Highlights process improvements with validation and simple reporting


  • Overview of selected criteria, e.g. Safety, Quality and Productivity
  • Perfect preparation for an efficient morning meeting
  • Email reporting based on pre–defined categories
  • Remote access to the entire shift communication via web browser or iPad / Tablet


  • Seamless exchange of PM orders and status with shift teams
  • Integrated calendar for Preventive Maintenance
  • Supports the implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Simple organization and documentation of stand-alone maintenance
  • Only record data once: Interface to maintenance systems such as SAP® PM, IBM Maximo EAM or Infor® EAM
Qualitätssicherung & Labor

Quality Assurance and Laboratory

  • Live quality reports and shift variations at a glance
  • Simple research for information, measured values and causes
  • CAPA: Control operations with direct instructions for shift personnel
  • Easy assignment and tracking of special samples, also possible via LIMS interface
  • Direct instructions to the shift teams, for example, increased frequency for data capture

Leading chemical companies rely on Shiftconnector®

Air Liquide

Many well-known companies and industry leaders rely on solutions from eschbach. Our Shiftbook software is already used in 7 countries and is available in 5 languages.


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